Alpine Union Congress

Stop and Reverse WHITE GENOCIDE

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The Alpine Union gets the law on your side so we can stop and reverse WHITE GENOCIDE.

The US and UK are the main sponsors of WHITE GENOCIDE in the world, since they, and the CFR, dominate the West. We have three strategies to dissolve the poisonous United States government. First, we create well-crafted resolutions that local people vote on.


We go back to the people with a country-side strategy. With direct democracy (self-government) people get the security that suits their community. We want to be your preferred provider of government.

The advantage of this approach is that we can have votes any time, in many places across the country, on different topics, creating new political habits. (((DC))) cannot win at whack-a-mole. The tempo (OODA Loop) is too fast to react to. This strategy can create a political wild fire, like the Protestant Revolution. The cacophony of our successes will crack their system. The USG bankster oligarchy will be abandoned and retired.

Our second strategy is to win 218 members of Congress to stop all federal spending This stops WHITE GENOCIDE. Four new regional governments will take over regional responsibility, while the US is retired.
Using our candidate mutual aid agreement we can easily raise billions in campaign funds.

The third strategy is to promote MUTUALLY-AGREED REGIONAL SECESSION. We set up regional governments to take responsibility as the federal government is delegated and dissolved.

Using these strategies we win. That ends Wall Street's WHITE GENOCIDE monster.

Communism is the slavery of mankind to Jews. Jews expect 2800 Gentile slaves from their messiah. Jews killed 100 million people with mass murder communism in the last 100 years. They aren't done yet. WHITE GENOCIDE is the continuation of Bolshevism, Marxism, and Cultural Marxism. The Alpine Union is our first and last line of defense. Anti-Semitism is the RIGHT TO RESIST Jews slaughtering your ("racist-homophobic") family. Don't end up like Jesus or the Czar. Never be at the mercy of Jews.

Correct Historical Injustices

The Alpine Union will dissolve the pro-communist pro-Israel USG, and its genocidal post-war states that imposed WHITE GENOCIDE on nations from Sweden to Italy.

The Alpine Union will break the US up into four regional states. Effectively, this will forfeit the Civil War and free the South. The New South will be independent. The New West will be able to build a wall. California will be able to exit.

The Anglo-American establishment and its Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) that foments world wars will be over. No longer will the USG protect the British colony of Israel.

The Alpine Union will break Central Europe's encirclement. This will short-circuit the British Crown's balance of power strategy and assure a lasting peace in Europe. France and Poland have been burned by British alliances. The British Crown will have to sit quietly on their island and accept Europe's cultural development.

The Alpine Union can cultivate emergency aid for South African Dutch Boers. Our resolutions can be tailored to suit their situation so they can get the law on their side and re-establish a system of security, self-defense, and self-preservation.

There is no other concrete, effective, and comprehensive solution to the problems of our time. We need to get the law on our side. Mobs don't have the law on their side. Protestors are in a position of weakness, while the elite have the high ground. Political parties are subject to the tedious and slow election cycle.

BITCH OR BUILD. Written resolutions affirmed by direct democracy are primary law. This creates a NEW social contract, in the here and now, with the highest legitimacy, as understood in the western tradition. Our resolutions involve community affirmation and community nullification. That empowers the people and gives them law they can believe in, since it is, an expression of themselves.

Whites are creatures of the law. They obey the law. For whites to fight back, they need the law on their side. We need a new way to create law that elites cannot control. That is our public service. The Alpine Union gets the law on your side, so you can stop and reverse WHITE GENOCIDE.


Here are 10 things you can do to stop and reverse the rape invasion:








8. WORK FOR OUR CURRENCY (organize a camp fire or torch march or small scale musical event to show SOLIDARITY WITH OUR RACIAL ROOTS and SOLIDARITY WITH EUROPE; anything WAKE THE VOLK). Invite the media or post on social media. Stir the drink.


10. RUN FOR US CONGRESS TO SHUT DOWN THE USG FOREVER! (Are you poor? We will help you get a $2 million bonus)

11. Read this essay if you doubt that we can't stop white genocide or dissolve the USG. Jews have no doubts about dissolving you because they believe that whatever can be changed is something they can change. They have invincible confidence in change. The conservative, traditionalist, religious mentality cannot stop white genocide because it is averse to change, which means it will surrender to the status quo. WE have absolute confidence in changing what can and must be changed. Dickheads doubt destiny.

Our resolutions. your local votes. makes the alpine union law.

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Imagine, if you will, a union of Central European nations (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, and Italy) with their direct cousins in the states running from New York/New Jersey all the way to Oregon and Washington state. You may not know it, but there is no closer fit. Let's call it the Alpine Union.

Restore Self-Government

Government of the people, by the people, and for the people can only come from direct democracy and strategically useful resolutions. The West understands that government by consent is the only legitimate government. To become president, today, you need to be a Jew billionaire or a child-eating witch. To make the Alpine Union a reality, you only have to be a good neighbor among good neighbors.

The Alpine Union is the voice of truth, justice, and power for blood-Europeans.

Rich man's law can go up in flames as fast as you wish. It's all in your hands. The Alpine Union wakes the Volk and unleashes the energy of our people.

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The US government no longer represents my interests or those of my people

Dissolving the USG

The white race will not survive the USG. It must be retired to the dustbin. We have a duty to dissolve the elites, their weird masonic cult, and their state that will replace us with robots. The USG is the government of WHITE GENOCIDE. Once you accept that, dissolving the USG is cake. The US government has lost all credibility.

The Alpine Union dissolves the discredited USG in the acid of spontaneous direct democracy. Direct Democracy changes people's political habits. They don't look to (((DC))). They look to themselves, their local community, and to our package of resolutions which they can vote on to create new laws, restoring CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED..

It's legal to create a new vision (state), to write resolutions, to conduct local votes (direct democracy), and to report results (giving feedback to all). We use that to build political capital to negotiate the end of the USG.

We have the right approach.

Mutually-agreed regional secession, de-fund the USG, create new governments prepared to assume responsibilities as they are delegated.

We will have a smooth transition of power.