Alpine Union Congress

Stop and Reverse WHITE GENOCIDE


What is the Alpine Union?

The Alpine Union aims to stop and reverse WHITE GENOCIDE by resorting to the creation of a new social contract, in the here and now, to get the law on our side.

We must strip power from (((DC))) through direct democracy creating thousands of statelets melting federal power. This is the precondition of regional states.

We provide the written resolutions. Our teams set up the local elections. The public provides the votes. Our media reports the results providing feedback for everyone. This builds political capital, new power, and the ability to negotiate the end of the federal government. Peers negotiate with peers. States negotiate with states. You must create a new state to retire the old one.

Direct democracy upon written resolutions creates new law that is recognized in the western tradition as self-government. This achieves a post-EU, post-USG, vision to stop and reverse WHITE GENOCIDE. (((DC))) is reduced to dead snake skin that is brushed off.

Most white nationalists vacillate between race war now and paralyzing defeatism because they have Jewish blood in them and suffer from Jewish bipolar syndromes. To be Aryan is to be DEVOTED TO EXCELLENCE in man, method, and race. When we think and act like Aryans, we can achieve our goals.

Nature measures us by our EFFECTIVENESS.

What Jobs Do You Have?

Most of our jobs are small jobs that pay big in the long run. We pay using our currency called Danube. Users mutually-agree to mark it to the dollar. Bitcoin is issued for mining. Danube is issued for labor efforts in service of stopping and reversing WHITE GENOCIDE.

Notice the significance of our Danube resolution:

Resolution 5.30.17 Community affirmation resolution: this community requires all banks, debt collection companies, and bond holders to accept Danube for all debts in default on a 1 to 1 Danube for dollar basis.

Lenders and bondholders get little to nothing for debts in default, and companies have debts and they sell things. Danube can solve everyone's debt problems, making Danube as good as a dollar. Companies will accept Danube as a result. Bondholders will want companies to accept Danube as a result. It's better than nothing. We spark and capitalize on a nation-wide DEBT REVOLT.

One of our member benefits is to get a reward of 40,000 Danube. This is a year's salary just for joining the Alpine Union. It's good to become a member. Just as a start-up would issue stock to founders, Danube is money in the making, not stock, but is a real reward for participating and making our resolutions law. Those who build our community will be rewarded. This gets our members resources. Leaders get resources, so people can do their jobs.

We need 435 teams in each Congressional District. We need to find 435 persons to run for Congress in 2018. No other white nationalist venue has anything planned for 2018 because they absolutely suck, they can't plan ahead, they can't develop a plan, they have no tools, and they love to lose. They are Charlie Browns at heart.

We are winners. When we step to the plate we go for the grand slam. We have absolute confidence in our ability to win. We pick the right strategies. We have the right rewards. We have the right vision. We have the right people. We have the right messages. Things are bound to break our way.

We have jobs like 1) build a team 2) identify your community 3) identify the resolution for your community to vote on 4) set up venue and vote date 5) message your community about the resolution 6) get your tools to conduct the vote ready: pennies and water glasses 7) have the vote 8) report the results.

You can achieve this in your local community with minimal resources, but the election results will have high-leverage nation-wide impact.

Where do I sign up?

We have a forum. Email for forum access:

lorenz.f.kraus ++@++

If you'd like to become a member for $60 you would be on the fast track in the organization. You'll get free access to the political officers course and 40,000 Danube. You can use the paypal link on the front page.

P.S. I'll won't have internet access next week from Tues. 6/6 to Thurs. 6/8.



To stop and reverse WHITE GENOCIDE


Alpine Union Congress